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Custom Pet Door for a Sliding Glass Door

Tired of letting your pet in and out at the most inopportune times? Our patio door conversion kit offers a great alternative to those pet door panels that donít allow for proper use of your sliding glass doors. With the revolutionary vinyl frame replacement kit, you simply replace the existing glass pack in your sliding glass door with our custom-built insert. It's the best solution to needing a pet door for a sliding glass door and allows your door or window to be as energy-efficient as it was originally intended.

The patio door conversion kit is a sensibly designed, custom built, weather-tight panel that fits your existing sliding glass door allowing the full use of the sliding door, latch and screen. Built of the highest quality material, each pet door conversion kit features double-pane safety glass, with options for Clear, LowE-272, or LowE-366. Gray or Bronze tint are also available. Each pet door insert is custom made to precisely fit your vinyl frame sliding door window panel. Professional installation recommended.

Pet door opening sizes available: Small 6" x 11", Medium 8" x 15", Large 10" x 19", X-Large 12" x 23"

More benefits and reasons to choose the sliding door conversion kit:

  • Simple – a glass professional replaces the original glass in less than an hour
  • Allows your sliding glass door to slide and lock normally
  • No interference with screen function
  • No glass cutting or frame replacement
  • Custom manufactured conversion kit that uses your existing frame
  • Renowned energy-efficient
  • Energy efficient – UV resistant Endura Flap with magnetic seal, no air gaps
  • Better looking and more functional than inefficient "pet panels"
  • Security cover included for extra peace of mind
  • Easy conversion back to original door if selling home

Pet Door
Pet Door Pet Door
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